Oporto: Best european destination for a glamour photoshoot


Are you looking for things to do in Oporto? First time here? Do want to have a different experience this time?

What about a photoshoot that will make you fall in love with yourself?

Imagine a morning where you can play dress-up and be all pampered with a full makeup and hair transformation and take some fantastic photos that you won't forget! Bring your favourite outfits, and let’s do this. No room for your favourite outfits in your luggage? No worries. I have my own studio wardrobe at your service!

And what about sharing this fantastic experience with someone you love? Bring your husband, your family, your girl friends!...

My studio is located in the heart of Oporto, right across the charming Bolhão Market and a few steps from the busy Santa Catarina street.

Feel free to explore the website and follow me on facebook and instagram for more updates. 

Send me an email geral@joanabento.com if you have any questions and to schedule a session next weekend off in Oporto. Me and my friendly crew will be ready for you!

Joana Bento

PS: Have a look at some photos from Olga's photoshoot, she came all the way from Switzerland with her family to spend some time in Portugal :)